BALDR Film is the Amsterdam-based production company of Katja Draaijer and Frank Hoeve. They focus on developing and (co-)producing challenging features and documentaries of a select number of filmmakers with a distinctive personal signature for an international audience. In this, they offer a lot of support in matters of content, whereby the form and originality of the production comes first.


BALDR Film produced, among other films
  • Ubiquity by Bregtje van der Haak

  • Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story by Stephane Kaas

  • Those Who Feel The Fire Burning by Morgan Knibbe


BALDR Film | Katja Draaijer and Frank Hoeve

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 77, 1012 DC Amsterdam | (+31) 20 3032670

info@baldrfilm.nl  | www.baldrfilm.nl

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Basalt Film (2012) is the Rotterdam-based production company of Simone van den Broek. We produce socially relevant documentaries of high artistic quality for National and International cinema and television.


International coproducing is an inspiring way for us to bring our documentaires to a higher level and a larger audience. Basalt Film is EDN member and part of EAVE network.


Basalt Film has produced, among other films

  • Carrousel by Marina Meijer

  • Good Neighbours by Stella van Voorst van Beest

  • Farewell Paradise by Sonja Wyss


Basalt film | Simone van den Broek

Gouvernestraat 133-4, 3014 PM Rotterdam | +31 10 4126946 | (+31) 6 24505047

simone@basaltfilm.nl | www.basaltfilm.nl


Cobos Films is an Amsterdam based company that produces high-quality feature length documentaries for cinema and television. Carmen Cobos is the sole company director and is responsible for running the productions assisted by free-lance producer Kees Rijninks.

Cobos Films produced, among other films

  • Once the Dust Settles by John Appel

  • Samen (Together) by Carmen Cobos & Kees Rijninks

  • Infernal Pain by Olivier van der Zee

Cobos Films | Carmen Cobos

Nicolaas Witsenkade 18-D, 1017 ZS Amsterdam |(+31) 6 558 558 81 ccobos@cobosfilms.nl | www.cobosfilms.nl


De Familie Film & TV is a prominent production company for film and documentaries, founded in 2004 by producer Monique Busman and director Michiel van Erp. Our Amsterdam based company produces films and documentaries for theatre and television. We are part of the EAVE network.

De Familie Film & TV produced, among other films

  • Satudarah - One Blood by Joost van der Valk and Mags Gavan

  • The End of Fear by Barbara Visser

  • Daddy and the Warlord by Shamira Raphaëla

De Familie Film & TV | Monique Busman
Schollenbrugstraat 4, 1091 EX Amsterdam | (+31) 20 663 3303
monique@defamilie.net | www.defamilie.net


De Haaien produces documentaries and documentary series. Recently the series ‘Chinese Dreams’ was aired on Dutch television. De Haaien also produced the series ‘Planet Nigeria’ and ‘We zien ons’ which were well received among Dutch audiences. 
We produced various docs, such as ‘De Pleitbezorger’ a film about Queen Maxima, ‘KUYT’ which premiered at the Dutch film festival, and ‘The Pilot’s Mask’ which was selected for the IDFA. We focus on bringing untold Human Interest, Arts and Cultural stories to a broad audience.


De Haaien produced, among other films

  • De Pleitbezorger by Simone de Vries

  • KUYT by Deborah van Dam

  • The Night Nurse by Geertjan Lassche

De Haaien | Wilko Brandsma, Paul Beek  en Bing Gall
Cruquiusweg 111-G, 1019 AG Amsterdam | +31 (0)20 530 7940
paul@dehaaien.com | www.dehaaien.com


Doc.Eye film creates internationally orientated, challenging documentaries from unexpected personal perspectives. Films on the cutting edge of cultures with a special interest in themes related to social and cultural inequality or art. In a globalising world it is important to look at subjects that touch us all.


Doc.Eye Film produced, among other films

  • The Forgotten Space by Allan Sekula and Noel Burch

  • Sol LeWitt by Chris Teerink

  • Rebellious City by Willy Lindwer

Doc.Eye Film | Frank van Reemst, Joost Verheij

Van Hallstraat 52, 1051 HH Amsterdam | (+31) 20 686 5687

info@doceyefilm.nl | www.doceyefilm.nl

In de armen van Morpheus, Marc Schmidt,

DOXY is a prominent player on both the Dutch and the international market, producing quality documentaries, fiction and all kinds of forms in between - whether it is a homeless opera, dance documentary or a feature-length selfie. All projects reflect a twenty-first century society which is shaped by cultural diversity and multi disciplinarily. In production are feature documentaries like A Way to B (Jos de Putter), Here We Move, Here We Groove (Sergej Kreso), Stop Filming us! (Joris Postema), Give me shelter (Saskia Gubbels) and King Louis (Geertjan Lassche). 


DOXY produced, among other films

  • Camino, a feature length selfie by Martin de Vries 

  • In the Arms of Morpheus by Marc Schmidt

  • Becoming Zlatan (Magnus & Fredrik Gertten)

DOXY | Janneke Doolaard
Nieuwendammerkade 28C13, 1022 AB Amsterdam | 020-422 2607
info@doxy.nl | www.doxy.nl


Een van de jongens (Dutch for ‘one of the guys’) is the production company of Hasse van Nunen en Renko Douze. In collaboration with filmmakers with a strong vision, we produce meaningful and artistic documentary films. We believe that film is worthy of more than just the theatrical run or television broadcast. That’s why we strive for a longer lease of life, unexpected audiences, a great impact. This is a borderless ambition: we want our films to speak to - and enrich - the world.


Een van de jongens produced, among other films

  • The Bastard by Floris-Jan van Luyn

  • The Last Male on Earth by Floor van der Meulen

  • Listen by Astrid Bussink

Een van de jongens | Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze

De Kempenaerstraat 11B, 1051 CJ Amsterdam | (+31) 20 894 36 28

info@eenvandejongens.nl | www.eenvandejongens.com


Episode One is production company based in Hilversum and founded in 2015.
We make high quality documentary films with a specialization on documentary series. Our aim is to unite cinematography, and socially relevant content, for which we always explore new and exciting forms of story-telling. We seek truth, in the conviction that a better and fairer world is an attainable goal.


Episode One produced, among other films

  • The Doom of the Van Imhoff by Kees Schaap & Foeke de Koe

  • The Pronk Diaries by Tinus Kramer (in production)

  • The Mosqueteers by Kees Schaap

Episode One BV | Kees Schaap | Joanne Schaap-Becker
Media Park Locatie Heideheuvel 1 | Mart Smeetslaan 1, 1217 ZE Hilversum

Tel +31 35 7470008 | +31 6 53524954


HALAL is a production company and photography agency that redefines moments of popular culture through radical approaches to storytelling. With an artist centric business made up of an international roster of talent, HALAL has a holistic approach to content creation.
Founded in 2005, HALAL is owned and run by four partners: Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Determeijer and Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen. Consisting of a photography, fiction, documentary and commercial department, the company's DNA lies in thinking outside conventional narratives.
The documentary department of HALAL is spearheaded by Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, with the aim to produce documentary films that surprise, inspire, engage and inform.


HALAL docs produced, among other films

  • King of the Cruise by Sophie Dros

  • Keeper by Johan Kramer

  • Drama Girl by Vincent Boy Kars

HALAL docs| Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen

Gijs Kerbosch | Roel Oude Nijhuis | Gijs Determijer

Prinsengracht 546, 1017 KK Amsterdam | 



Hollandse Helden is a  documentary production company bases in the greater Amsterdam district. Helden is Dutch for heroes. A hero is someone who stands out because of his or her courage. Someone who acts in remarkable ways. A pioneer. A hero is someone who does something new, things other people don't do, even though they would like to. A hero is also the one who stands in the centre of attention, the main character in a story. The main character of the stories we put on the screen.


Hollandse Helden wants to capture life in its work; the cares and longings of this time. So we look with new eyes, listen with new ears and speak with new sounds. This we do in hope of inspiring other people. People like you.

Hollandse Helden produced, among other films

  • Scenarios for a Normal Life by Sander Burger

  • Chasing a Million by Stefan Egberts and Albert Klein Haneveld

  • I am a Girl! by Susan Koenen

Hollandse Helden | Albert Klein Haneveld

Overleek 29, 1141 PE Monnickendam | (31) 6 22 808 105

mail@hollandsehelden.nl | www.hollandsehelden.nl

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Interakt Productions is an award-winning, independent production company specialized in development, production, financing and distribution of documentary content for audiences and in co-productions worldwide; theatrical, television, series, multimedia and interactive media.


Our focus is to always connect to a broader perspective and interdisciplinary platform to create more impact and explore innovative ways of storytelling. We are experienced in producing documentary cross-overs with for example; exhibitions, books, websites, apps, theatre, music.

Interakt produced, among other films

  • Devil's Pie – D'Angelo by Carine Bijlsma

  • Dutch Masters in the 21st century by various directors

  • Het Vermoorde theater by Frans Weisz

Interakt | René Mendel, Mira Mendel
Singel 360, 1016 AG Amsterdam | (+31) 20 623 7982
interakt@interakt.nl | www.interakt.nl


Founded in 2007, Kaliber Film is a creative and internationally oriented independent production company, based in both Amsterdam (NL) and Istanbul (TR). At Kaliber Film we both develop and produce author-driven narratives, making no distinction in style whether we produce a fiction film or a documentary.


Kaliber Film productions have screened at several international film festivals, such as Berlinale, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, IDFA and Cinekid. Genç Pehlivanlar/Young Wrestlers marked Mete Gümürhans directorial debut, which had its world premiere in the 66th Berlinales Generation Kplus section and won a Special Mention of the International Jury.

Kaliber Film produced, among other films

  • Big Village by Beri Shalmashi

  • Het Beloofde Land by Wouter-Peter Malestein

  • After by Jasmijn Schrofer

Kaliber Film | Mete Gümürhan, Bas Broertjes, Aydin Dehzad
Ernest Staesstraat 47, 1061 CC Amsterdam | (+31) 64 306 1201 |
info@kaliberfilm.nl | www.kaliberfilm.nl


In over twenty years Memphis Film & Television produced films for television and theatres in cooperation with all major Dutch broadcasting companies and European partners. Newest film The World According to Monsieur Khiar by Sjors Swierstra was selected for IDFA 2015 (nomination Dutch Doc Award), Prix Europa 2016 (nomination TV Documentary) and Nederlands Film Festival 2016 (nominaton Best Short Documentary).

Memphis Film & Television produced, among other films

  • De Wijde Wereld by Sherman De Jesus

  • The Myth of Armando by Sjors Swierstra and Roelof Jan Minneboo

  • Watch Me by Klara Van Es

Memphis Film & Television | Cécile van Eijk, Sherman De Jesus
Maliebaan 24-26, 3581 CP, Utrecht | +31 30 233 20 23
info@memphisfilm.net | www.memphisfilm.net


Moondocs develops and produces documentaries, auteur films, commissioned films, art films, TV-series and transmedia projects. Socially engaged and quality-oriented, the makers cover a wide range of socially relevant and cultural subjects. The productions are made for regional and national broadcasters; local and central government; non-profit organizations, arts and cultural funds; as well as companies. Moondocs has built up an impressive track record, including many productions that have received national and international awards.

Moondocs produced, among other films

  • Living the Light - Robby Müller by Claire Pijman

  • Ademtocht, de vele gevechten van Maite Hontelé by Marlou van den Berge

  • In 7 days.. by Marinka de Jongh, Kim Faber, Jotte den Dulk, Anna Peeters, Nelleke Koop, Stephane Kaas, Winand Derks van de Ven

MOONDOCS | Carolijn Borgdorff

Kloveniersburgwal 131G, 1011 KD, Amsterdam | +3120-2184700

info@moondocs.nl | www.moondocs.nl


New Amsterdam is an independent film company that operates like a film studio. It develops, produces, and releases high-end visual narratives. While being firmly rooted in contemporary culture, New Amsterdam combines an international network, production knowhow, craftsmanship and marketing knowledge. It’s our mission to make audiences worldwide laugh, cry, love or hate.
In film we trust.

New Amsterdam produced, among other films

  • The Next Rembrandt by Juliette Stevens

  • Strike a Pose by Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan

  • Anton Corbijn Inside Out by Klaartje Quirijns

New Amsterdam Film Company

Sander Verdonk | Julius Ponten | Thomas den Drijver
Raamgracht 6, 1011 KK Amsterdam | +31 (0)20 820 2308
films@newams.com | newams.com


In 1995 Pieter van Huystee started his own production company. Since then he has produced many film projects with renowned filmmakers like Johan van der Keuken, Heddy Honigmann, Boris Gerrets, Renzo Martens, Leonard Retel Helmrich and many others.

Pieter van Huystee Film & TV produced, among other films

  • Deaf Child by Alex de Ronde

  • The Long Season by Leonard Retel Helmrich

  • Jheronimus Bosch, touched by the devil by Pieter van Huijstee

Pieter van Huystee Film | Pieter van Huystee
Donker Curtiusstraat 125, 1051 MC Amsterdam | +31 20 421060
info@pvhfilm.nl | www.pvhfilm.nl


seriousFilm is a Rotterdam based foundation for audiovisual production since 2004. The seriousFilm outfit is run by Koert Davidse (producer | director) and Marc Thelosen (creative producer). Documentary (co-)production is our main activity, but we also produce feature films, experimental shorts, documentaries, websites, animations, and installations. Co-productions are necessary to create a firm production and financial fundament, and allow for creative exchange between international professionals.

seriousFilm produced, among other films

  • Dick Verdult - It Is True But Not Here by Luuk Bouwman

  • Martin Lodewijk & the Last Page by Koert Davidse

  • To Stay Alive – a method by Erik Lieshout, Arno Hagers, Reinier van Brummelen

seriousFilm | Koert Davidse, Marc Thelosen

KINO | Unit F | Gouvernestraat 129-133 | 3014 PM | Rotterdam

+31(6)4151.5974 (Koert) | +31(6)2073.7277 (Marc)

www.seriousfilm.nl | info@seriousfilm.nl

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Studio Nieuwe Gronden –nowadays SNG Film- was founded on October 22 1979 out of the legendary film collective Amsterdams Stadsjournaal (ASJ). SNG Film still wants to produce idiosyncratic films. That can be both documentaries and feature films (and everything in between). What is important is the involvement of the filmmaker. Moreover it is not only about the urgency in which somebody wants to tell something, but primarily also the form chosen to do so.

SNG Film produced, among other films

  • LEONIE actress and spy by Annette Apon

  • Wistful Wilderness by Digna Sinke

  • An Angel in Doel by Tom Fassaert

SNG Film | Digna Sinke
Van Hallstraat 52, 1051 HH Amsterdam | (+31) 20 686 78 37
info@sngfilm.nl | www.sngfilm.nl

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With headquarters in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, Submarine is an award-winning production company that develops and produces feature films, scripted series, documentaries, animation and transmedia projects. Submarine has established itself as an innovative company, working across multiple genres and platforms, all with an international focus. It also owns the largest animation studio in The Netherlands. Submarine has produced a slate of documentaries which have been sold to distributors, platforms, and broadcasters around the world. Most recently the documentary feature Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World won an International Emmy Award. In 2017, Submarine produced Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, which premiered at Sundance and was acquired as a Netflix Original, Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams' film American Jail for CNN and the BBC, and the award-winning artificial intelligence documentary More Human Than Human. The company is currently in various stages of production and development on numerous other projects, including upcoming true crime series The Singh Case.

Submarine produced, among other films

  • Bellingcat - Truth in a Post-Truth World by Hans Pool

  • American Jail by Roger Ross Williams

  • Last Hijack by Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta

Submarine | Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix

Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam | +31 (0)20-8204940

info@submarine.nl | www.submarine.nl


The passion of the documentary filmmaker is the key for Talent United Film & Tv. Every subject is possible, as long as it has the passion of the filmmaker to make it an interesting experience. Talent United Film & Tv likes to make even the impossible dreams of filmmakers possible.

Talent United Film & TV produced, among other films

  • Robin’s roadtrip by Simone de Vries

  • Soccermillionair from East by Carin Goeijers

  • Mar & Sien by Marja Kok

Talent United Film & Tv | Paul Ruven
Cruquiuskade 73, 1018AM Amsterdam | (+31)651 245 041
info@talentunited.nl | www.talentunited.nl


Tangerine Tree is a Rotterdam-based production company founded by producer Nienke Korthof and producer/director Willem Baptist. Tangerine Tree develops and produces creative author-driven documentaries for television and cinema. We believe strongly that creating a filmmaker-friendly environment is key to the way we operate. Our productions have screened at Berlin, Rotterdam, IDFA, CPH DOX, DOC NYC, AFI Docs and many other festivals as well as being nationally and internationally broadcasted.

Tangerine Tree produced, among other films

  • Highway Confessions by Elsbeth Fraanje

  • Our Motherland by Shamira Raphaëla

  • Ring of Dreams by Willem Baptist

Tangerine Tree | Willem Baptist and Nienke Korthof

Gouvernestraat 133-1, 3014 PM Rotterdam| +31 6 14 54 72 60

info@tangerinetree.nl | www.tangerinetree.nl

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Trueworks is an independent production company based in Amsterdam. Founded by producer Reinette van de Stadt in 2003. Trueworks produces creative documentaries for international cinematic release and other worldwide platforms. Films about mussels, freezing eggs, rock bands, cool chefs and lifeguards have seen daylight with the support of Trueworks.

Trueworks produced, among other films

  • China's van Goghs  by Haibo Yu and Kiki Yu

  • Sergio Herman, FUCKING PERFECT &  L'AMOUR DES MOULES by WJA Kluijfhout

  • Face to Face by Menno Otten

Trueworks | Reinette van de Stadt
Zeeburgerpad 53, 1019 AB Amsterdam | (+31) 6 2487 0468
reinette@true-works.nl | www.true-works.nl


Volya Films is a Rotterdam based company producing feature films, creative documentaries and animation, mainly as international co-productions. Our films tell unexpected stories, sometimes from parts of the world not covered by the media with an original style and approach.

Recent documentaries are MRS F by Chris van der Vorm (WP Movies that Matter 2020), THE MOLE AGENT by Maite Alberdi (WP Sundance FF 2020), I Know You Are There by Thom Vander Beeken (Visions du Réel 2017), Waiting for Giraffes by Marco de Stefanis (IDFA 2016), and The Grown Ups by Maite Alberdi (IDFA 2016, Winner of the Best Female-directed documentary at IDFA 2016, Best of IDFA Tour 2017).


In production/development are documentaries by Wang Bing, Marco de Stefanis, Eva Küpper and Katelijne Langezaal. 

Volya Films produced, among other films

  • The Mole Agent by Maite Alberti

  • Mrs. F by Chris van der Vorm

  • Zwarte Zwaan by Katelijne Langezaal

Volya Films | Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts
KINO | Unit 2C en 2D | Gouvernestraat 129-133 | 3014 PM | Rotterdam
info@volyafilms.com | volyafilms.com


Witfilm is an Amsterdam based production company, specialized in creative, social and youth documentary. It is headed by award winning director Boudewijn Koole and producer Iris Lammertsma. Our strength lies in content development and our films aim to be intense, innovative, intimate and always nicely challenging.


Witfilm creates documentaries in inspirational and fruitful coproduction with national and international broadcasters, producers and funds.

Witfilm produced, among other films

  • The Last Fight by Victor Vroegindeweij

  • Back to the Taj Mahal Hotel by Carina Molier

  • Dance or Die by Roozbeh Kaboly

Witfilm | Boudewijn Koole, Iris Lammertsma

De Kempenaerstraat 11B, 1051 CJ Amsterdam | (+31) 20 688 5049

info@witfilm.nl | www.witfilm.nl


Zeppers Film is an independent film production company based in Amsterdam. It has produced over 100 films in the last 20 years and is specialized in creative documentaries. Our documentaries are generally co-produced with Dutch and international public broadcasters. Many of these films travelled the world to international festivals and arthouse cinema's and some films have been awarded at festivals including IDFA, Tribeca Film Festival and the Netherlands Film Festival.

Zeppers Film & TV produced, among other films

  • Love is Potatoes by Aliona van der Horst

  • Stranger in Paradise by Guido Hendrikx

  • The Red Soul by Jessica Gorter

Zeppers Film | Frank van den Engel

Ruysdaelkade 223bg, 1072 AW Amsterdam | (+31) 20 675 8594

info@zeppers.nl | www.zeppers.nl

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